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About me

Nicole Stewart – Melbourne-based performance and lifestyle consultant, life coach, embodiment of feminine power and insatiably hungry challenge-seeker.

My mission

I help powerful women reclaim their feminine and achieve more in their lives by honouring their true selves.  I teach women that they don’t have to choose between success, pleasure and freedom – they write the rules and can create their own blueprint for a life that blows them away.

These women are hungry for more: more success, depth, connection, intimacy, and aliveness.  Hungry for bigger lives. I help them get there from a healthy and resourced place, instead of a burnt-out, overwhelmed, collapsed and hustling place.

My background

Over a decade ago, I was in a very different headspace.

I presented myself to the world as having it all: an international equestrian competitor, mindset and performance coach to Olympic gold medal-winning athletes, a nationally recognised exotic dancer, a Master Coach and Facilitator, and a recipient of hundreds of hours of training with the best human performance experts in the USA and Australia.  I was defined totally by my achievements.

Of course, it all came crashing down: work, health, toxic relationship breakdowns, libido – the lot. (And thank God it did!) In 2016, I hit massive burnout and watched my carefully crafted life crumble around me.  I was forced to ask myself: “Do I want the next ten years of my life to look like the last ten?” The answer led me to retire from professional sport and take a big break.

And so began my journey into the subtler arts, spiritual modalities and sciences of embodiment, the feminine mysteries, trauma-informed somatic experiencing, sexuality and manifestation.

Since 2011 I have coached and supported thousands of women by combining my experience in elite-level equestrian sports and training in spiritual and somatic coaching, event and program facilitation, life and business coaching, feminine eros, professional dance and cognitive performance psychology.

Based in Melbourne, I work globally with ambitious and high-achieving women such as executives, business owners, athletes and medical professionals through 1:1 coaching, mentoring, workshops and group programs.  I use my personal insight and experience to guide my clients from a place of compassion and empathy: I know what works, and what doesn’t, because I’ve been there.

Today, I live the life I was desperately striving for, but on my terms. I’m surrounded by incredible people I adore and unapologetically live the life of my dreams, helping other women achieve the same.

Nicole Stewart

What sets me apart?

The overly simplistic behaviour modification tools used by many coaches and therapists don’t work because they don’t fix the distorted relationships we have with ourselves and the things we do.

I understand how to un-knit the deep, underlying relationships we have with different areas of our lives to achieve lasting transformation.

Each of us has an original blueprint – beliefs and relationships inherited from our parents, education and life experiences. I meet each woman where she is and peel back the layers of her unique psyche to make lasting changes. If a coach or mentor can’t do this, they’ll simply throw one-size-fits-all behavioural suggestions and structures at women which only work in the short term, if at all.

The valuable transformations I can deliver

There’s a joy for me in seeing women who have been hardened through life’s journey allow themselves to trust again, to melt and soften and feel themselves come alive. We need more of them. And I’d like you to be one, too.

Working with me leads to outcomes such as:

  • Dramatically improving your sense of self, femininity, security, abundance and freedom

  • Thriving as a true expression of your authentic feminine self

  • Having the tools to create your life from a place of fullness and confidence instead of limits and fear

  • Increasing your confidence and ability to have challenging conversations with partners and colleagues

  • Increasing your capacity for intimacy and pleasure in your relationship or marriage

  • Dramatically reducing instances of people-pleasing and self-abandonment

  • Embodying the knowledge that it is safe to be vulnerable

  • Making more money but reducing your work hours

  • Improving team culture in your business

  • Initiating and sustaining your transformation from a positive place instead of shame and guilt

  • Learning to remain sourced in your feminine essence, even in times of challenge

  • Remembering how to have fun and giving yourself permission to experience it