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A 30 minute live group session including a nourishing guided meditation for ambitious women
to reduce stress and connect with themselves.

Tuesday October 24th, 7:30am AEDT

Following on from the huge success of my recently released 14 Day Guided Meditation Journey, I’m excited to bring you the opportunity to gather with women from around the world to improve your self connection and reduce stress in a LIVE guided meditation session!

‘Nourished’ will focus on guiding you into deeper connection with yourself and your body, reducing your stress and tension and preparing you for a productive, present and energised day ahead.

If you’re unable to attend this time, but would like to begin your journey of self connection and stress reduction via meditation, you can sign up for the 14 day journey here.

I look forward to meditating with you on October 24th!


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How to Break Up with Your Toxic To-Do List Masterclass

Has your to-do list become kinda like that person in your 20s who you know in retrospect you should have dumped a long time before you did?

If your relationship with your to-do list has become toxic and it’s getting longer every day instead of shorter, makes you feel stressed and guilty about falling behind and is causing you to lose confidence in yourself, then I’m talking to you.

In this masterclass, I’m going to help you break up with your to-do list and get MORE done.  We go deep on:

  • ‘De-throning your to-do list so it’s no longer breathing down your neck and giving you the guilts.

  • Cultivating passion so you can move from a place of genuine energy and inspiration, instead of obligation.

  • Creating healthy structures that support you to do everything you need to do, and have some downtime, too.

Reawaken Your Sex: Reduce Stress & Burnout Masterclass

I bet you weren’t taught that your sexual energy and creative life force are about so much more than the actual act of sex.  Yet it’s one of the most important lessons you can learn.

Far too many successful, hard-working women find themselves in sexless relationships or feel obligated to have sex because their partner wants it – among all the other demands in their life, sex feels like a chore.  They feel inadequate and out of touch with their arousal, so they’ve settled for telling themselves that it doesn’t matter to them…

But this is simply NOT TRUE.

The further away you get from your connection with your pleasure, your delight and your creative life force (your eros), the more susceptible you are to burnout and depletion, and the less trust in yourself, confidence and resourcefulness you’ll experience.

As part of my Success, Sex & Soul Masterclass Series, this masterclass teaches you:

  • How to gently re-awaken your connection with your eros through somatic practices.

  • How to reconcile past negative experiences that get in the way of you allowing yourself to feel your pleasure and desire.

  • How to use your new-found access to your erotic life force as a resource to support you to live a more nourished and less burnt-out life.

In short, you’ve likely never been taught that your sexual energy and creative life force are about so much more than the actual act of sex.

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About me

My own journey from being an elite-level equestrian athlete and internationally recognised Performance Coach – through burnout – and out the other side was transformative. It forced me to ask myself: “Do I want the next ten years of my life to look like the last ten?”

Most significantly, this transformation sparked a desire in me to work with successful women to help them create deeply satisfying lives where they feel nourished, inspired and delighted by the life they get to lead, from their professional pursuits to their personal lives and their relationship with themselves.

Today, I’m honoured to bring my clients a depth of professional knowledge in performance psychology and mindset, business, somatic experiencing and embodiment, spiritual modalities, sexuality and the feminine mysteries.  Together with the personal insights from my own experiences, I guide my clients from a place of compassion and empathy. I know what works and what doesn’t, because I’ve been there.