foundations of her:

The Woman you Want to Be

A 6-week group mentorship guiding you to feel safe and relaxed in your body and empowering you to reclaim the vibrancy, aliveness and satisfaction you’ve been missing.

Nicole Stewart
Nicole Stewart

A mentorship program to help you find YOU.

You’ve read the self help books, done the yoga, and are probably sick of the podcasts…

But you still can’t find it: a genuinely satisfying life that you own, rather than one that owns you.

It’s time to go beyond your mental intelligence, reconnect with the body you’ve been cut off from and reclaim your innate vitality and aliveness thats been lost in the barrage of life’s demands.

This program wraps you in a safe, supportive environment of like-minded women, where you can take off your protective armour, be vulnerable and lay the foundations of lasting change.

With solid structure to keep you on track, this program will guide you past the conditioning that has kept you stuck, restoring your sense of empowerment in your life and putting you back in touch with your vital aliveness, softness and sensuality.

Nicole Stewart

Why it’s time for HER

You’ve spent your life upholding a veneer – I call it the mask of the modern high-achieving woman:

Untouchable.  Invulnerable.  Perfect.

You work long hours, show up for everyone else, and yet live without what you yearn for, quietly burning out and losing your lust for life.

You know this isn’t sustainable, yet life doesn’t look like its changing for you any time soon…

It’s time to be brave and stop, take off the mask and learn a new way to live.

Because when you move through the world in a way that’s tuned into and honouring of the woman you are, you’ll live in a state of relaxed aliveness and satisfaction.

This program is your cue to slow down and come home to yourself:

  • command better results more easily in your professional life;
  • have more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others;
  • face whatever life throws at you with grace;
  • experience a shit load more fun and pleasure along the way!
Nicole Stewart

My story: Nic Stewart, Performance & Lifestyle Consultant

I am insatiably hungry for MORE. Sound familiar?

Like you, I wore the mask of the high-achieving woman.

To the world, I presented myself as an international equestrian competitor and high-performance coach to international athletes with Olympic Gold Medals, a nationally recognised exotic dancer, a Master Coach and Facilitator, and a recipient of hundreds of hours of training with the best human performance experts in the USA and Australia.  I was defined totally by my achievements.

Of course, it all came crashing down: work, health, toxic relationship breakdowns, libido – the lot. (And thank God it did!) I hit massive burnout and watched my carefully crafted life crumble around me.

And so began my journey into the subtler arts, spiritual modalities and sciences of embodiment, the feminine mysteries, trauma-informed somatic experiencing, sexuality and manifestation.

Today, I live the life I was desperately striving for, but on my terms.  I am the woman I once pretended to be.

I’m surrounded by incredible people I adore and unapologetically live the life of my dreams.

This mentorship is a distillation of everything I’ve learned and experienced – and I’d be delighted to take you on the journey to create the same results.

Nicole Stewart

HER: A spiritual and performance mentoring program for ambitious women

This is a foundational six-week journey for women who are ready to gain the essential tools needed to create a life that they are both proud of AND deeply nourished by.

Your time investment
Throughout the program, you’ll need to set aside:

  • 90 – 120 minutes each week for the group call
  • 15 – 30 minutes each day for your own practice

The Journey

I want you to move through the world doing work thats significant to you and sharing in meaningful connections with humans you love while relishing in your overflowing sense of satisfaction!

For this to be possible, you need to restore your sense of fullness and get back in touch with your vital aliveness.

I’ll guide and support you to awaken your potential in the areas of Success (how you create your results in life), Sex (how nourishing, connected and rich your life feels) and Soul (how you love, hold and accept yourself in all your flavours, and your connection to a higher power).

Each topic we cover in the program is supported by specific frameworks and tools that I use every day, including meditations and journaling prompts.

Some of what you will receive includes:

  • Know how to get out of your head and back into your body, and re-connect with your vital aliveness!
  • Understand what blocks your experience of satisfaction and fullness in your day to day life, and begin to transform the way you show up in these experiences.
  • Permission to re-connect with your sensual, sexual self and access the deeply nourishing qualities of your creative erotic life force. 
  • Be empowered to show up in your business or career as the woman you want to be.

The 'Foundations of HER' Community

For the duration of your journey, you’ll be part of a private Facebook community where you can share your experiences and thoughts with other women in the program.

It’s a safe space where you can connect with like-minded souls and receive support and validation for the feelings that might arise during the program.  If you’re experiencing something – chances are, other women are, too.

You’ll participate in weekly group zoom calls with the women in the Facebook community, where I’ll teach you the foundational skills and tools you need to practice that week.

The Facebook community also helps you:

  • Meet and transform your ‘sisterhood wound’ – the mark made by undesirable past experiences that unconsciously make us see other women as adversaries.  You’ll be able to have new relationships with women as powerful allies and friends.

  • Find inspiration in other incredible, powerful women journeying into their own aliveness and power.

  • Be seen and celebrated for the whole person you are – your vulnerability and power – allowing you to drop judgement, shame and pain from your relationships with other women, too.

  • Make friends for life!

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How you can take the 'Foundations of HER' journey

Applications for The Foundations of HER are currently closed.

Your application and our video call help me assess your readiness for the course materials and ensure that all women welcomed into this journey create the highest quality environment for each other’s growth.

Numbers are capped to make it possible to create an intimate environment where each woman receives the support she deserves.

Express your interest for the next intake of the Foundations of HER program by filling in an application form via the link below.

what you'll get:

Get ready for intimate, dynamic, live group learning and plenty of support as you apply the Foundations of HER teachings, as well as other amazing women walking the path at your side.

You’ll have access to:

  • A 60-minute 1:1 Welcome Call where we set your goals and prepare you for the journey ahead, as well as personalised notes from, and a recording of this session.

  • 6 x 120-minute group calls, one per week throughout the program. These calls are recorded so if you can’t make it live or want to review something you’ve learned, you always can.

  • Access to the private Facebook community, exclusively for your round of HER participants.  Here you can connect with other members, stay accountable, share your experiences, ask questions and receive support, reflections and guidance.

  • Weekly Journaling Prompts to support your exploration of the unique topics inside the Foundations of HER program.

  • Guided Meditations to support you to embed the learnings and take them into your day to day life

  • Lifetime Access to all of the content from your journey.  Re-watch group calls that were impactful, keep listening to the meditations and revisit journaling prompts down the track to continue your growth journey.
$2,000 AUD
+ 10% GST is applicable for Australian purchases
Payment plan options available

Praise for HER

The next round of 'Foundations of HER' begins in
March 2024

Dates for the next round of 'Foundations of HER' have not been set yet.

Get in Touch if you’d like to go on the waiting list.

Your successful transformation requires a gentle guide, tools grounded in evidence and research, a safe space, and a shit-load of love.  It’s all here waiting for you.

Places are limited.