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Hello Amazing Woman,

The world is changing: women everywhere are awakening to the fact that they’ve been conditioned to live a lie: that they must abandon their femininity and hide their hearts, and instead push, force and hustle their way to success in life.

That you are here and reading this, tells me you’ve realised this yourself, and you want to learn a new way to live…

You recognise that the way you currently move through the world is unsustainable; working long hours, placing well-being at the bottom of your priorities, hyper focussing on results and tight deadlines, sacrificing yourself for others, taking on too much and then feeling overwhelmed, guilty, resentful and frustrated.

You’ve worked HARD for the success you’ve created – but, are you able to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

Most women I speak to are yearning for a different reality where they relish their lives, but it doesn’t come naturally.

The good news is, you CAN learn a new way. It’s the way of The Deeply Satisfied Woman and I’m passionate about sharing this path with all the women I can.

Across 12 years of working with high achieving women, I’ve identified five core traits as being present and important in ladies who are both successful in their work and live a Deeply Satisfied Life, and now you can learn them too.

Start your journey by reading my guide The Deeply Satisfied Woman: 5 Traits of all Deeply Satisfied, Successful Women and how to cultivate them.

Digest the five traits, meet some of my clients and and hear their stories and receive tailored exercises to support your journey and the application of these new tools and awarenesses in your life.

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About me

My own journey from being an elite-level equestrian athlete and internationally recognised Performance Coach – through burnout – and out the other side was transformative. It forced me to ask myself: “Do I want the next ten years of my life to look like the last ten?”

Most significantly, this transformation sparked a desire in me to work with successful women to help them create deeply satisfying lives where they feel nourished, inspired and delighted by the life they get to lead, from their professional pursuits to their personal lives and their relationship with themselves.

Today, I’m honoured to bring my clients a depth of professional knowledge in performance psychology and mindset, business, somatic experiencing and embodiment, spiritual modalities, sexuality and the feminine mysteries.  Together with the personal insights from my own experiences, I guide my clients from a place of compassion and empathy. I know what works and what doesn’t, because I’ve been there.