The Embodied Feminine Leader Series


Join me for a six week, three part series to support you in leading your life with relaxation, radiance, confidence and power.

Hello Wonderful Woman,

If you’ve grappled with wondering how to balance your career with the demands of life, struggled with stress and burnout, tried the productivity hacks and and mindset coaching and are ready for something that actually works in harmony with your feminine system, you’re going to love this.

I suggest it’s more important than ever for you to learn to be powerful as a woman – not masquerading as one of the boys. 

Our culture encourages and rewards such masculine qualities and expressions of leadership, and the pressure to adhere to these ways of being that are injurious to the female mind, body and spirit are everywhere.   

I’m excited to show you a better way!

Over six weeks and three distinct stages, together with a small group of other ambitious women, we’ll explore the foundational skills you need to embody the potent feminine leader within.

This will empower you to lead your life both personally and professionally with strength and softness, power and flow. These are the essential tools and foundations, that will enable your successful, sustainable and fun career as an ambitious woman.

If you’re part of a group of women who would benefit from these skills, I’m available to run the series for private cohorts. Contact me to explore the options, including customisation.

Praise for the Series

The Three Stages

Each of the three stages of this journey – outlined below – include a 90 minute group zoom call and a workbook.

Throughout the six weeks you’ll also be supported via a private WhatsApp thread for discussion and community connection.

Stage 1 - Managing Overwhelm, Triggers & Stress

If there’s one thing you can be sure about in life’s wild journey, it’s that there WILL be challenges and hard times.  What determines your failure or success, is how equipped you are to respond to challenge and how you support yourself through it.

During this call, you’ll learn how to respond (not react!) when triggers arise, how to regulate your nervous system and stay centred during the rollercoaster ride of a demanding career and home life.

Your ability to care for yourself in this way, forgive your mistakes, feel safe in your body and be your own biggest fan are your secret superpowers of feminine leadership!

Stage 2 - Becoming Powerful & Unshakeable

There’s an old adage that says ‘Jump off the Cliff and Build your Wings on the Way Down’. This saying speaks wonderfully to the boldness required to make it as a leader.

But what’s required to embody THAT kind of confidence over long periods of time?  Come along to this session and find out.  We’ll be exploring authentic expression, confidence and resilience for your path ahead, without the feeling of force you might have felt before in relation to confidence and resilience.

Stage 3 - Having it All: Career, Relationships & Health

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too??  Many women pursue ‘success’ because they want to have greater agency and control over their life, then end up working like crazy while feeling burnt out and disconnected from those they love…

Come along to this call to formulate a plan for how you’ll stay connected with yourself and nourish and grow ALL the areas of life that are important to you.  We’ll discuss the different skills required to succeed in career and relationships, and why this is such a  blind spot for many ambitious women.


Ready to dive in?

The Embodied Feminine Leader Series enrolment fee is $480 per person

The next Intake begins on June 24th, 2024

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About me

My own journey from being an elite-level equestrian athlete and internationally recognised Performance Coach – through burnout – and out the other side was transformative. It forced me to ask myself: “Do I want the next ten years of my life to look like the last ten?”

Most significantly, this transformation sparked a desire in me to work with successful women to help them create deeply satisfying lives where they feel nourished, inspired and delighted by the life they get to lead, from their professional pursuits to their personal lives and their relationship with themselves.

Today, I’m honoured to bring my clients a depth of professional knowledge in performance psychology and mindset, business, somatic experiencing and embodiment, spiritual modalities, sexuality and the feminine mysteries.  Together with the personal insights from my own experiences, I guide my clients from a place of compassion and empathy. I know what works and what doesn’t, because I’ve been there.