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You know the masculine way – the way of intellect and strategy, now it’s time to become Fluently Feminine.

Nicole Stewart
Nicole Stewart
Nicole Stewart

Learn to Work, Live and LOVE like a woman.

Are you ready to step into a more confident, radiant and fulfilled you?

Then it’s time to become Fluently Feminine – to learn the language of your body, heart and intuition.

In this three part series I’ll help you do exactly that. First within your self, then in your relationships and finally, in your career.

Many modern women have migrated to a ‘cognitive dominant’ way of living. This over-emphasis on your thinking function and intellect goes hand in hand with a disconnection from your nature as a feminine essenced being.

Over time, this distrust of your feeling, sensing nature and disconnection from your deeper self can lead to burnout, low libido, a whole host of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing challenges and relationship issues, as well as significantly impacting your professional performance.

Intelligence and strategy are important, but if you’re an ambitious woman or emerging female leader, I’m inviting you that its time to learn to trust your nature and Work, Live and Love like a Woman.

You will have a richer, more fun and sustainable experience – not to mention amplifying your success – when you bring these qualities and different skills to your life.

My story: Nic Stewart, Women's Leadership & Empowerment Coach

The intersection of ambition and femininity, once my kryptonite, has become my greatest passion.

After a significant horse riding accident in 2008, a coach suggested I explore mindset and personal development. My passion was ignited and those tools transformed my life so much that I wanted to share them with others!

In 2011, I got qualified as a coach, and began working with my first clients. For 6 years I supported athletes who either like me, had had an accident and needed to recover confidence, or who were competitive professionals wanting to perform at their best under pressure.

I built an internationally recognised performance coaching business alongside my own professional sporting career – competing up to two grades below Olympic standard in the equestrian sport of Three Day Eventing.

Then, in 2016, burnout.

I learned the hard way that I’d abandoned something vitally important, my femininity.

All the intelligence, determination, training and strategy that had made me a successful athlete and performance coach..

..were also a clever way to try to stay in control and avoid the real mess of being an imperfect, vulnerable human woman.

I had to learn a new way.

A path that honours and welcomes my ambition AND respects the embodied intelligence of my heart, intuition and emotions.

One that makes space for me to challenge myself in business AND be a relaxed, sensual, playful woman and devoted partner.

I got here through pouring myself into professional development, personal healing and self experimentation. Over the past 8 years, working individually with over 300 women and presenting to thousands more across 4 continents, my unique body of work has emerged.

I’m so excited to share it with you through this series.

Nicole Stewart

The Fluently Feminine Series:
How it Works

Together, we’re going to address major inhibitors of personal fulfilment, sustainable business or career success and work/life balance for ambitious women and female leaders.

I’ve designed this series around the support I’ve offered that has most effectively improved the lives and careers of the women I’ve worked with in recent years.

The series consists of three separate yet related virtual ‘mistress-classes’. You can choose to participate in one, two or all three sessions. The more sessions you enrol in, the cheaper they all become.

There’s also a VIP option to get access to individual guidance from me in conjunction with these group sessions.

All sessions come with an Integration Guide of helpful reminders, journaling prompts and recommended practices to support you to integrate your learnings from the sessions in your life.

Self Other World

Session 1: Fluently Feminine Within Yourself
August 5th, 2024 | 6-8:30pm AEST

It all starts with you. Your posture and attitude towards yourself ripples out and impacts everything else in your life. I know you know that already. 

Yet, despite knowing it, many women I’ve worked with still struggle to land into an authentic place of actually feeling self love and esteem, struggling with imposter syndrome, intrusive critical thoughts and unrelenting standards both in their personal and professional lives.

There’s a strong possibility as a woman in today’s capitalist world, that you’ve inherited beliefs about yourself as a woman, productivity, success and your value that simply aren’t true.

These beliefs are the threads that weave the fabric of the way you speak to yourself, the boundaries you believe you’re allowed to have (or not), the desires you’re allowed to hold and voice (or not) and how you need to show up in the world.

Before tackling the outer two ripples in that fabric, Relationships and Career, we first need to un-knit some of the threads that have you tied to the beliefs that are driving you to abandon yourself, over-work and perpetuate cycles of burnout, people pleasing and depletion in your life.

Session 2: Fluently Feminine in Relationship
September 2nd, 2024 | 6-8:30pm AEST

Many women in today’s world carry armour around their hearts, protecting themselves from the world.

This is understandable, though you’re likely also yearning for real connection, authentic experiences of closeness and feeling seen and loved for who you are. When you come into relationship ‘unfeelable’, with your heart guarded, you make that impossible.

I remember when I really realised that if I wanted to be loved for all of me, that I would have to share all of me with the people who I wanted to be known and loved by.

This is tremendously vulnerable.

So many of my clients who are driven women are used to moving quickly through life, focused on their goals and the tasks at hand.

These are awesome qualities and skills – your ambition is wonderful! – and, these are not the same skills that engender closeness, connection and intimacy.

It’s time, wonderful woman, to learn to share your heart with the world (or at least to begin with, with people you trust!).

If you want to have deeper, more meaningful connections in your life, join me for this session.

If you’ve ever felt a sense of loneliness and isolation as a driven women, join me for this session.

We’ll cover both intimate partnerships and relationships with kids, friends and family.

Session 3: Fluently Feminine in the Workplace
October 7th, 2024 | 6-8:30pm AEDT

We’ve made it to the outer ring – your business or career! The workplace is one of the easiest places to clearly see masculine dominant habits and traits at play, as well as examples of women abandoning themselves to fit in, often to their own detriment.

The workplace is also one of the hardest environments to change the way you show up, which is why this session is third.

The innermost ring, your relationship with yourself, is the place where you have the most influence. The further towards the outer ring you reach, the more external forces are at play that can influence you.

So, how do you hit your targets and goals on time, deal powerfully with staff churn, delegate to your team, do work you’re proud of and stay connected with yourself in a way that’s empowering and possible??

Come along to this session and find out.


Any Single Session: $200

Any Two Sessions: $375

All Three Sessions: $500

Special VIP Package: All three of these offerings, plus three 60 minute 1:1 zoom video coaching sessions across the three month period to support you to integrate these teachings into your career, relationships and life in a deeply personal way: $1250

All pricing is in AUD.  If you register for a session but can no longer attend, you can either switch to a different session, or, I’ll accept relevant questions in advance and do my best to cover them during the live call.

Everyone enrolled in each 2.5 hour offering will receive a recording of that session the day after the live call has taken place.

If you come to this series after one or two of the sessions have already been run, you’re welcome to purchase the program and receive the recordings.

If you have any queries, please get in touch via

Click the pink button, fill in the form and I’ll see you soon!

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