Leadership and life coaching for ambitious women


Helping you tap into your feminine power and authenticity for a healthy path to MORE success, MORE connection and MORE aliveness.


It’s time to live a deeply satisfying life

There’s no hint of apology in your step, in your smile, in your GLOW.

You are moving art.

Free to feel the fullness of your heart.

You are the MISTRESS of yourself and your world.

Positive relationships are effortlessly drawn to you.

You live in ALL of yourself, and hold nothing back.

You are Ecstatically alive. Your body sings with sensual vibrancy.

Your RESULTS! You command success with the grace and ease of a Queen and the certainty and power of a Warrior.

You bring your dreams to life and feel a deep well of personal satisfaction you’ve yearned for…


Hello gorgeous!

You’re successful on paper: the car is nice, the house looks good, but you’re unsatisfied with your relationships, know your health needs to improve, and there’s too much going on.  If you let go, everything might just collapse in a heap.  Sound right?

It’s because your current blueprint of forceful creation, self-doubt, overdrive and limitation will never lead you to the deeply satisfying life of abundance, service, family and lifestyle you envision.

Your successful transformation needs a gentle guide in the areas of success, sex and soul, to reawaken your feminine power, tools grounded in evidence and research, a safe space, and a shit-load of love.

That’s where I can help.

What my style of women’s life coaching offers

I work with ambitious women like you who are stressed and overwhelmed by their responsibilities and the expectations they and others place on them.  They’re disconnected from themselves and want a better way of living that allows them to find success without running themselves into the ground and burning out.

Getting back into your body

I’ve heard the stories of over 1500 women – from professional athletes to medical practitioners – all of whom have unsuccessfully tried to find themselves ‘out there’ in the world, when what they’re looking for is inside.

They all make the same mistake: operating from a masculine map that keeps them in their heads and out of their bodies.  They believe that being productive, successful and useful outside of themselves is the path to feeling valuable and worthy, so they ignore the woman within.

I’ll meet you where you are and guide you back into your body, supporting you to reclaim your feminine and embrace all parts of yourself – the go-getter, the sensual, the sensitive, the intellectual, spiritual and sacred – for a truly delicious, fulfilling life.

Changing your personal blueprint for lasting transformations

Ever wondered why the overly simplistic behaviour modification tools used by many coaches and therapists don’t work? It’s because they don’t fix the distorted relationships we have with ourselves and the things we do.

I understand how to un-knit the deep, underlying relationships we have with different areas of our lives so that lasting transformation can happen. If a coach or mentor can’t do this, they’ll simply throw one-size-fits-all behavioural suggestions and structures at women that only work in the short term, if at all.

Each of us has an original blueprint – the plan for how we are wired with beliefs that we’ve inherited from our parents, education and life experiences.

Together we look at your original blueprint and whether your beliefs about who you are, your place in the world and what’s expected of you still serve your vision of the life you want.  We can then change them for the better with practical tools you can use for the rest of your life.

A bespoke approach, because one size fits no-one

Each woman I work with deserves a bespoke approach to suit their individual challenges and needs that draws on a variety of modalities and techniques.

I don’t work with women through a single lens or modality.  Instead, I draw on many things including somatic tools to help you recentre within your body, leading-edge performance coaching tools used by the best athletes in the world, plus my knowledge of spirituality, sexuality, and the nervous system to meet clients from both a cognitive, emotional and physiological perspective.

How I can help you create a deeply satisfying life

We live in a world where women (and humans in general) are encouraged and celebrated for embodying very masculine qualities, especially at work. Being dedicated, goal-oriented, determined, linear and strong are traits valued more highly by our society than naturally feminine traits like creativity, receptivity, spontaneity, sensuality (sensing), feeling and being.

This conditioning (among other things), has created a wave of women seeking to experience themselves as powerful in the world via means that are counterintuitive to their experience of freedom, pleasure and TRUE feminine power.

When I work with these women, I support them to awaken and transform across three fundamental areas to become a deeply satisfied woman who has claimed and inhabited her full feminine power.

In your journey to achieve mastery across Success, Sex and Soul, you’ll learn how to embody the traits of a Deeply Satisfied Woman, and avoid falling into dysfunction and dissatisfaction (1, 2 or 3 in the graphic below). 

  • Embedding the tools that will help you recover from and avoid burnout in the future

  • Being more relaxed with life’s ups and downs, trusting the process and going with the flow of life

  • Understanding how the inner union of an immature masculine and feminine keeps you in overdrive and how to mature these energies to move you into a state of creativity

  • Being able to identify why you procrastinate on tasks that could propel you forward

  • Having the confidence to back yourself for bigger deals

  • Understanding why you feel the need to hustle and find a way to reduce your hours, without reducing your success

  • Improving your business’s culture and overall team morale

  • Deepening your availability for intimacy and connection with your partner

  • Increasing your ability to experience sensual and sexual pleasure both by yourself and with a partner

  • Awaken and deepen your relationship with your sexual energy as your creative life force, and learn to channel it into your world in healthy and empowering ways

  • Experience your body as a vibrantly alive, energised and delicious place to live

  • Deepen your trust in your ‘gut instinct’ or deep body knowing, and learn to use it as a compass for your life

  • Listening to your body’s cues to ensure your wellbeing

  • Increase your self awareness and understanding of your underlying patterns and psychic structure, enabling you to work directly with your unconscious self

  • Deepening your living relationship with a power greater than yourself

  • Embodying the knowledge that it is safe to be vulnerable

  • Reducing behaviours like people-pleasing, negative self-talk and self-abandonment

  • Finding the confidence to share your authentic self with the world

  • Learning how to draw from your feminine essence, even in times of challenge


Your 1:1 performance and lifestyle coaching

Your journey will be a reflection of your uniqueness and the challenges you face.

Together, we create an initial three or six-month bespoke plan with options such as:
  • Half or Full day Deep Dives over Zoom, setting clear targets, deepening your embodiment, and diving into the more serious challenges you’re facing.
  • One-to-one Zoom Coaching calls (45-60 minutes) progressing your transformation, meeting any shadows that arise, putting in place new skills and tools and tracking your success.
  • Accountability structures via weekly email or 15-minute check-in.
  • Guaranteed access to my group programs, such as the ‘Foundations of HER’ program.
  • Nic in your Pocket, providing you unrestricted access to me to support and drive your transformation, and coach you through whatever life may throw at you.

Not ready for 1:1 work yet?  You can start your journey with my Free 3 Part Video Series.


About me

My own journey from being an elite-level equestrian athlete and internationally recognised Performance Coach – through burnout – and out the other side was transformative.  It forced me to ask myself: “Do I want the next ten years of my life to look like the last ten?”

Most significantly, this transformation sparked a desire in me to work with successful women to help them create deeply satisfying lives where they feel nourished, inspired and delighted by the life they get to lead, from their professional pursuits to their personal lives and their relationship with themselves.

Today, I’m honoured to bring my clients a depth of professional knowledge in performance psychology and mindset, business, somatic experiencing and embodiment, spiritual modalities, sexuality and the feminine mysteries.  Together with the personal insights from my own experiences, I guide my clients from a place of compassion and empathy.  I know what works and what doesn’t, because I’ve been there.

How you can engage with me

Coaching is a deeply personal experience – you need to be ready to tackle uncomfortable feelings and memories, and brave enough to invest in a different future. Most of all, you need to trust your coach.

That’s why we start with a 10-15 minute chemistry call so I can learn about you and where you are in life, see if we’re a good fit, and decide how ready you are to take this journey.

Ready to find that satisfaction and juicy aliveness within?