Women's Leadership & Empowerment Specialist

Ready to make more money with less stress, have better sex and embody your feminine power?  Let’s dive in!



Can you imagine what authentic power and confidence feels like?  Perhaps, though I don’t want you to just imagine it – I want you to live it!

This is about reigniting your spark and aliveness, embodying true feminine power and leading your life from that place in yourself!

Many of my clients come in as hardened, stressed and highly goal oriented women, doggedly pursuing the results they hope will satiate them, but with a niggling feeling that something is missing.  Maybe that’s you, and you’re realising that what you’ve done up until now isn’t going to get you the life you know is possible.

So, what’s it going to take to create truly lasting change?

It begins with identifying and dismantling the beliefs that keep you trapped in your cycle of striving; being productive, successful and useful aren’t the only ways to experience yourself as worthy and valuable. Through opening into and embodying the subtle yet potent feminine power within, and finding alignment with your true self, you will become a Deeply Satisfied Woman.

And I’m here to help.

Take a look around – there’s plenty here to inspire you. And if you’re still not sure, I’m happy to guide you to the option that’s right for you.

Big, Wild Love,

Nic xx

How I can help you


1:1 Leadership & Life Coaching for Women

A personalised coaching program conducted remotely that transforms the way you create success, awakens your sensual, sexual self and enables you to live a Deeply Satisfying Life.


'Foundations of HER' 6-Week Group Program

An online, group mentorship for ambitious women who want to re-connect with themselves, reclaim their aliveness and get the tools to create more aligned success.


Free Live Group Learning Experiences

Free sessions such as masterclasses and guided meditations on a variety of topics to help you along your journey to a more fulfilling personal and professional life.


My latest program


Reduce stress and deepen connection with yourself in less than ten minutes each day with this on demand program.


About me

My own journey from being an elite-level equestrian athlete and internationally recognised Performance Coach – through burnout – and out the other side was transformative. It forced me to ask myself: “Do I want the next ten years of my life to look like the last ten?”

Most significantly, this transformation sparked a desire in me to work with successful women to help them create deeply satisfying lives where they feel nourished, inspired and delighted by the life they get to lead, from their professional pursuits to their personal lives and their relationship with themselves.

Today, I’m honoured to bring my clients a depth of professional knowledge in performance psychology and mindset, business, somatic experiencing and embodiment, spiritual modalities, sexuality and the feminine mysteries.  Together with the personal insights from my own experiences, I guide my clients from a place of compassion and empathy. I know what works and what doesn’t, because I’ve been there.


Secrets of Success, Sex & Soul

A tantalising literary blend of boardroom, bedroom and temple, my blog posts will give you the insightful guidance you need to step into your most Successful, Sexy and Soulful self as a female leader!

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